Healthcare and Wellness Center Hygiene

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Improve Hygiene in Malaysia Healthcare and Wellness Center

Malaysia is still fighting against the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the cases, hospitals are running at full capacity to attend to the patients. Besides that, the rollout of the vaccination programme is currently ongoing nationwide in appointed centres such as medical facilities, convention centers and even university halls.

This leads to an increase in footfall traffics in these hospitals, healthcare and vaccination centers, thus, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for patients and visitors is ever more essential so we understand that ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for patients is essential. Inadequate hygiene facilities could cause spread of infectious diseases that will put your staffs, patients and visitors at risk. Determining critical control points where hazards can be prevented and eliminated is crucial. Here are a few areas for consideration:

Reception/ Entrance

The reception is an important reflection of your establishment as it is often the first point of contact for patients and visitors. Ensure they are well maintained, clean and hygienic to create a welcoming environment. 

  • Patients and visitors can bring in contamination on their shoes, having disinfectant mat will help reduce this and pairing it with dust control mat to help absorb dirt and water so these do not get through into your facility
  • Install hand sanitisers and ensure a regular cleaning routine with a focus on high-footfall areas
  • Implement a regular workspot sanitation regime of high risk areas such as door handle, switch, etc as many hands come into contact
  • Create a relaxing ambience with the right scent helps to reduce anxiety among your patients and visitors

Waiting Area

Keeping consistent good indoor air quality to protect your patients from the risk of cross-contamination and also benefits below.

  • Reduce perceived waiting time by having a soothing environment
  • VIRUSKILLER™ disinfects up to 99.9999% of airborne viruses and bacteria.
  • Ensure you have adequate hand sanitisers station in the area for patients and visitors to reduce cross contamination
  • Scent helps to uplift the ambience and reduce anxiety while patients are waiting

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Kitchen/ Food Preparation Area

Cross-contamination and spread of bacteria in kitchens can occur easily if proper hygiene practices are not put in place.

  • Ensure staff are well educated on the importance of complying with hand washing, glove and hair net usage practices
  • Install hand sanitiser stations to stop the spread of germs and illness
  • Food waste areas should be kept clean, tidy and regularly cleared to prevent pests
  • Make sure all food handlers are fit for work. Pathogens such as norovirus are easily spread and have a low infective dose - meaning very few organisms are needed to cause illness
  • Place safety mat to minimise the potential of slip and fall of your employees


Washroom with Initial Hygiene Units

Providing the right facilities to ensure good washroom behaviours can also help minimise the risk of dangerous pathogens being spread.