The Benefits of Proper Sanitary Waste Disposal

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Importance of Proper Sanitary Waste Disposal

While toilets are generally known to be unhygienic if not sanitised properly, there are other areas in the washrooms that pose a bigger health threat, one being sanitary waste disposal bins. In conjunction with World Toilet Day which falls annually on the 19th of November, Initial will be raising awareness about the consequences of poor sanitary practices. Proper sanitary waste disposal has not been addressed in Malaysia. As the experts in hygiene, Initial continuously advocates to raise hygiene standards for the greater good, and the importance of a safe removal system has been ignored for far too long.

Sanitary Waste Disposal: What Is It

Sanitary waste disposal in simple terms is the removal of any unwanted feminine hygiene products, mainly menstruation pads, that have been used. However, simply throwing these products away or flushing them down the toilet can be a huge health risk as well as damage property. Moreover, overflowing sanitary bins or disposal by flushing is rampant in Malaysia. Proper feminine hygiene waste disposal can prevent these events from happening while raising hygiene standards.

Equipped with infrared sensors, disinfectant granules as well as antibacterial technology, Initial’s Feminine Hygiene Unit is designed to provide businesses a safe, discreet and environmentally friendly way of disposing sanitary waste. Coupled with our On-site Sanitation Service (OSS), our professionally trained technicians will sanitise these units as scheduled in an efficient and discreet manner to ensure that hygiene standards are raised and consistently met.

Sanitary Waste Disposal: Why Is It Important

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Raise Hygiene Standards and Prevent Cross Contamination

Sanitary bins are the greatest health hazard in the women's’ bathroom but the most overlooked when routine cleaning is done. These bins are the breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and diseases. Due to the proximity of these bins with the toilet, they are exposed to germs floating in the air after we flush, which contains bacteria such as Hepatitis A and C, Salmonella and E.coli. Even if these bins are emptied daily and cleaned periodically, they still pose a significant threat to our health if they are not sanitised and disinfected by a professional. Unhygienic disposals may also attract pests such as flies, cockroaches and rodents to your premises.

With Initial Signature Female Hygiene Unit, your female customers will be able to dispose of their feminine hygiene waste in a discreet and hygienic manner. With its integral antibacterial technology, our Female Hygiene Unit gives your visitors a better peace of mind and leave them feeling rest assured they are safe from germs.

Environment and Property Damage

Overflowing sanitary bins are a common sight in public washrooms, which leaves women no choice but to flush their sanitary waste down the toilet. Not only do these wastes cause pollution to our water systems, rivers and beaches, it can also cause costly damage to the drainage systems. Flushing menstruation pads and other sanitary products made from cotton down the toilet can cause clogs or blockages. Since cotton does not break down easily in water, this causes unpleasant smells which negatively impact your customers experience.


The state of the washroom reflects what a business is trying to convey to their customers. A pristine washroom positively affects customer emotions which is beneficial for the business. Furthermore, by providing proper sanitary bins, female customers will feel appreciated, cared for and valued. The increase in positive emotions can influence the number of purchases or return visits to the business, enhances customer experience as well as increase word of mouth. However, unpleasant smells, dirty bathrooms, lack of proper hygiene facilities and overflowing sanitary bins negatively impacts the business. Emotions such as fear and disgust will be associated with the business which leads to poor reputation and customer avoidance.  

With Initial’s Signature Washroom Range your customers and employees will feel valued and cared for, which increases morale as well as repeat visits. By providing proper waste disposal bins, your customers are guaranteed to be in a safe and pleasant environment while also having an enjoyable washroom experience.

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