Premium Scenting 2020

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Enhance Business Cent with Scenting | For Your Employees

Our sense of smell has linked to different parts of brain that controls perception, emotion and behaviour. This mean that our's emotion and mood can be affected by the office odour. With the presence of aroma scent in the workplace, it will make a different for your brand as well as employee.

Employees Performance

What we smell can affect how we feel, and how we act without conscious effort. In order for employees to stay focus and concentrate, pleasant ambience provides in the workplace can literally increase their productivity. This is how scent marketing works in your premises.

Presences of Employees

Emotions in turn affect our behaviour. Pleasant smells, which are associated with good memories, can increase happiness, motivation and inspiration. This directly impacts work performance and improves engagement between employer and employee. Besides, it also help to reduce the unscheduled absenteeism which cost approximately RM11,000 per employee per year.

Return of Investment

Happy workers is a productive worker. Spending more money and time on your workforce will help your organization thrive in ways impossible to anyone neglecting their team. Besides, it also help to reduce the cost by advertise anywhere to vacant an employees.