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Product Sales

To combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, Initial Malaysia has a wide range of products available to eliminate harmful germs and bacteria such as Initial Hand Sanitiser and Initial Multi Surface Sanitiser aka disinfectant spray.

Initial Antimicrobial Film



The Initial Antimicrobial Film protects you from high touch point surface areas by reducing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria such as SARS-CoV-2, Human Coronavirus 229E, Influenza A. A harmless solution to human and environment to protect you from cross-contamination.


  • Efficacy can last up to 60 days

Suitable for high touchpoint

  • Such as Door Handles, Digital Screens, Touch Screen Keypads, Shopping Carts, Table Top etc

Size: 0.4m x 10m

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Our Sanitation Products

We have a wide variety of sanitation products that are suitable for different needs. Whether you are looking for hand sanitisers in travel size and bottles, alcohol and non-alcohol or gel and foam types, we have it all. In addition, our Multi Surface Sanitisers is a must-have item to sanitise contact surfaces that could have bacteria and germs. You can submit a form to get more information on these products or just drop by at our Shopee store.

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If you would like to purchase our products in bulk, submit the form now. Otherwise, you can just drop by at our Shopee shop.


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