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Aeramax Air Purifier

Filters airborne particles and pathogens

Indoor air quality has taken the spotlight recently with scientists and healthcare professionals from around the world petitioning the WHO and CDC to update their advice in relation to airborne transmission of Coronavirus.

Small droplets are released when we talk, cough or sneeze. Larger droplets will sink to the floor rapidly while tiny, aerosol droplets can linger in the air for up to 16 hours which poses a high risk of cross-contamination.

Aeramax Commercial Air Purifier uses a 4 part filtration process to capture airborne particles and return clean, purified air. The combination of HEPA, Carbon and pre filters work in unison to remove large dust particles right down to tiny virus particles so you can protect the health and wellbeing of your staff, guests and customers.

Aeramax Commercial Grade Air Purifier

  • 4 part filtration process, designed to capture large dust particles and tiny virus particles
  • Sensor driven real-time air monitoring with smart display showing the current room air quality
  • Antimicrobial treatments prevents build up and growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Wall mounted unit, positioned for maximum efficacy

Why do I Need Aeramax?

Germs and harmful pathogens, like those transmitted by someone infected with Coronavirus, can be spread in three ways: person to person, surface to person and air to person. Although it is essential that solutions such as handwashing, surface disinfecting and social distancing remain in place to help tackle each of these modes of transmission, the growing importance of indoor air quality cannot be ignored.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) now recognises that Coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person via aerosols in the air. An effective air purification solution can break the chain of airborne transmission and help you create a safer indoor environment. Installing high quality air purifiers can help you to protect people in busy indoor environments by removing harmful pathogens from the air.

Care and Nursing Homes

Harmful droplets can linger in the air for hours. Managing the airflow indoors using Aeramax will help to protect residents, staff and visitors on your premises.

Our Aeramax Air Purifiers are suitable for all sectors, including:


Manufacturing facilities, industrial environments and factories are busy, working environments. Reduce absenteeism and minimise the risks of closures due to sickness using our Aeramax air purifiers. Prevent air to person transmission of harmful germs and complement the existing hygiene protocols that you have in place to maintain a safe working environment for your employees.


Indoor shopping centres, retail stores and high street outlets are high-risk zones for cross-contamination of airborne viruses due to the high footfall. Bring confidence to your customers and employees that your retail environment is safe. When used alongside effective hygiene protocols, our Aeramax air purifiers will help protect your customers and employees, allowing your store to continue to operate safely.


Rentokil understands both the importance of maintaining a regular working office environment and ensuring there are no health and safety risks. All of our services are designed to help you protect your employees and visitors. Use our Aeramax air purifiers alongside our specialist disinfection services to provide a safe environment that your employees feel confident working in.

The Benefits of Aeramax in Other Sectors:


Having a controlled airflow and the ability to neutralise airborne diseases will help to bring control to educational settings. Reduce airborne transmission of viruses with our Aeramax air purifier.

Care and Nursing Homes

Harmful droplets can linger in the air for hours. Managing the airflow indoors using Aeramax will help to protect residents, staff and visitors on your premises.

Hotels and Hospitality

If air quality is not controlled, harmful droplets can linger in the air for hours, even after people leave a room. Managing the airflow in your venue using Aeramax will reassure customers that it is safe to return to your café, bar, hotel or restaurant..

Gyms and Leisure

Without proper air purification systems, airborne illnesses can easily spread through your gym or leisure facility. Aeramax can help you create a safer environment by removing harmful pathogens from the breathing zone.

Laboratories and Research

Our Aeramax air purifiers can prevent airborne viruses from spreading and help you protect your laboratory technicians, reducing the risk of closures so that your staff can continue critical work.

Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

Using certified, unique technology, our Aeramax air purifier can reduce virus transmission levels amongst both patients and staff, by removing harmful pathogens from the air.

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