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Toilet seat cleaner dispenser

Give washroom visitors an extra level of reassurance when they use your toilets.

Our solution enables users to clean the toilet seat before use. It’s the perfect way to combat the ‘sneeze effect’ – the tiny droplets of flush spray that land on seats and cause risk of cross contamination.

We’ll also refill and maintain your dispensers for you, giving a service that’s completely hassle-free.

Toilet seat cleaner solution

As part of our service we’ll keep you stocked with our specially formulated cleaning solution that will give extra peace of mind to washroom users.

  • Product contains a detergent to help keep surfaces clean.
  • Quick drying alcohol-based solution for the comfort of the user.
  • Fragranced to provide additional hygiene reassurance.
  • Can be used on other contact points such as the flush and door handles.

Work smarter: choose easy servicing

Get scheduled servicing of your toilet seat sanitiser dispensers and make sure you never run out.

We will explore your needs and work out the schedule based on an assessment of your usage. We’ll also maintain your dispensers to ensure they look good and that your users always find them in working order.

  • Maintenance and delivery schedule tailored to suit your exact needs.
  • Schedule based on thorough in-person survey of your needs.
  • Peace of mind that your hygiene needs are met.
  • Maintenance info and schedules always available 24/7 online.



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