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Manufacturing hygiene

The priority in the manufacturing sector is to maintain productivity levels as well as the quality of production output and regulation compliance. Staying healthy and avoiding illnesses is essential for workers. Employers need to provide their workers with the right facilities and appropriate personal protective equipment, ensuring their health and safety is taken care of.

The manufacturing workforce is often transient with varying lengths in tenure, which is influenced by work load and seasonal aspects. The common practice of shift work increases the risks of germs spreading. Although 71% of all absences in the manufacturing sector are minor absences (under 7 days) caused by illnesses such as the common cold, occupational skin disorders are also prevalent within manufacturing sites and account for 11.2% of all occupational diseases.


  • Good hygiene can help to lower staff absenteeism and illness
  • Supports your reputation and staffs are happier
  • Compliance with hygiene or health and safety regulations
  • Avoid legal costs and damage to your reputation as a result of work-related illnesses

How can our expertise help?

  • 1) Structured hygiene survey - Identify germ hotspots and get a full understanding of your requirements

  • 2) Hygiene education - Encourage better hygiene among your staff with educational posters and Hygiene Awareness Talk

  • 3) Right approach - Clean is not necessarily hygienic, so we can help you to improve standards for your customers and staff

  • 4) Consumables advice - Help you to save money by advising on the correct type, quantity and location of consumables based on usage patterns

  • 5) Choices of range - Exclusive, innovative new products, designed for ease of use, comfort and reliability, delivered with style

  • 6) Excellent service - Dependable, friendly and discreet. We deliver the best in hygiene for your premises, including regular quality checks

Service promise

Everyday, local teams of Initial service technicians deliver efficient, effective and discreet services, keeping our service commitment to customers across the world.

With worry-free services tailored specifically to your needs, Initial takes pride in delivering the highest levels of innovative solutions and professional customer care.

We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumables, dispose of sanitary waste while ensuring compliance with all hygiene and environmental regulations.