New Normal Hygiene Essentials

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Hygienic Mask Bin

One conversation we’re not having enough, is the safe disposal of used masks. Evidence suggests that the practice of wearing face masks limits the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease. As you may know SARS-CoV-2  survives more readily on hard surfaces, therefore if a discarded mask is carrying infectious agents, it may be possible for these to cross-contaminate the surfaces they come into contact with.

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Work smarter, choose easy servicing

Rest assured that your organisation's sanitary waste will be disposed of safely and hygienically. Our sanitary bins include disposal services, providing a truly hassle-free solution to your business needs. 

  • Installation and servicing by qualified Initial Service Technicians 
  • Discreet on-site sanitation service, so no sanitary bins will be seen carried out of your premises 
  • myInitial, our user friendly online reporting system grants you access to information, such as contract details and service reports at your fingertips