Hygiene Products

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Hygiene Products

Initial Hygiene Philippines leads the industry in the development of more innovative, sustainable products and solutions. Exclusive and quality products that are unique to Initial. Hygiene Products are made available by Initial Hygiene Philippines to help combat disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Initial Disinfection Mats


Initial Disinfection Mat is a very simple form of biosecurity that helps prevent the potential spread of disease especially in this time of pandemic. It is an important component of infection control in the prevention of mechanical transmission of bacterial pathogens on footwear worn by personnel.

Features & Benefits:

 - Minimize microbial load brought into the premises through footwear.
 - Minimize the distribution of pathogens by movement of personnel throughout the entire facility

Usage Information:

 - Should not be relied upon as the only method of controlling infectious pathogens
 - For an effective program, footwear should be cleaned prior to sanitization to remove any dirt on the bottom or sides of the footwear.
 - Acquire Initial Hygiene Disinfection Mats Program for maximum pathogen reduction on footwear exposed outside premises.

Initial HygienicTouch


Initial HygienicTouch A breakthrough technology that provides an additional barrier to help reduce the risk of microbial cross contamination across the workplace, and can help reduce the risk of bacteria such as E. coli  spreading from the door handle to skin.

Features & Benefits:

  • Using silver ion technology HygienicTouch kills 99.99% of bacteria such as S. aureus and E. coli with embedded silver ions
  • 96% reduction of surface microorganisms compared to non-protected handles
  • Works continuously 24/7 to combat pathogens deposited onto the surface by users

How it works:

 - Microbes are deposited onto the door handle / push plate by users.
 - Silver ions (Ag) penetrate the cell membrane of the microbe.
 - The ions trap the microbe and attack it's DNA to prevent reproduction.

Antimicrobial Film


Initial Antimicrobial Film - is an innovative film that provides barrier between you and commonly touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, photo copy machines and many more wich have high risk of spreading diseases.

Given that 33% of users do not wash their hands after using facilities, guarantees the pick up and spread of bacteria and viruses between users.

Features & Benefits:

 - Antimicrobial film kills 99.99% of bacteria  such as S.aureus and E.coli, Salmonella\, with copper ions
 - Can cover commonly touch surfaces on top of door handles
 - Superior bacteria extermination effect - kills human coronavirus with just 30 minutes
 - Inhibits replication of germs that prevents viruses to self-replicate