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For nearly a year now, the world has been totally disrupted by COVID-19 and with new variants now causing further challenges and mass vaccine rollouts due to take some time to facilitate, it is essential that businesses take the right steps to be hygienically clean and safe.

Beyond having effective protection for employees and customers, the impact of providing a clean, hygienic and safe environment is now more important than ever to protect your business’ reputation and retain customer and employee loyalty. The coronavirus has caused a shift in attitudes, expectations and hygiene-awareness with people judging brands on their level of commitment to meeting their needs for safety, wellbeing and ethics.

Our latest ebook contains essential hygiene guidance for businesses to take as well as detailing the positive impact that the actions will have, giving you everything you need to deliver hygiene to your workplace with total confidence.

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Included in this free eBook

  • People’s changing needs and expectations
  • The importance of trusting in science, experience and expertise for maintaining effective hygiene standards 
  • Reducing hygiene risks in the washroom
  • The promise of hygienic protection across your workplace
  • Improving the environment for staff and customers
  • How Initial can help

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