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Universities: preparing for the new normal

Protecting your university with better hygiene

The transient nature of students means germs can easily be brought onto premises unless strict hygiene standards are in place. Every university is considering the future very carefully. Keeping equipment and surfaces clean and maintaining the right personal hygiene standards to protect students and staff can be challenging.

Our latest eBook is packed with information and guidance on steps that your university or college can take to ensure that your staff and students are protected and your organisation is hygienically safe.

Across the globe you may find our hygiene solutions offered through one of our other brand names, for example in the US, our hygiene services are offered through Ambius, but rest assured no matter where you are, you will always receive the latest and safest hygiene solutions

Returning to university ebook cover

Included in this free eBook

  • Introduction to viruses and bacteria
  • A guide to the most common contamination sources across your university
  • Ways to combat transmission
  • Preparing for the return of your students
  • How Rentokil Initial can help

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Download our latest eBook for guidance on how your university can keep your staff and students protected in this new world and arrange measures to keep them safe beyond re-opening.

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Protecting people, enhancing lives

Initial is the world's leading hygiene company, delivering innovative, integrated and discreet hygiene services to commercial customers in over 60 countries worldwide. 

Our hygiene experts offer fully serviced, integrated hygiene solutions that provide protection for your business, giving you peace of mind that you're able to keep your employees and customers safe.