The power of scent and human behaviour

The state of public washrooms can have a surprising effect on the success of a brand or business. Download our whitepaper to find out more about how emotion can impact customer experience.

Bad smells, poor levels of cleanliness and low availability of consumables are all possible factors that can leave consumers and employees feeling embarrassed, disgusted even annoyed with a business, and for some can impact their willingness to return. 

To explore how people really feel, not just how they think they feel, Initial embarked on a unique research experiment into the physiological effects of smell and the cleanliness of public washrooms.


Included in this free report:

  • Discover the results from our experiment to explore unconscious human reactions, and to understand how, and why, this can be so crucial for businesses to get right
  • Learn more about the key physiological cues that elicit the strongest emotional responses

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Download our whitepaper to understand more about the physiological impact of washroom hygiene.

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