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How good hand hygiene impacts [sector]

Customers today are increasingly informed, conscious and vocal about hygiene standards and the effects on their health. Combined with travel reviews and the increasing number of rating sites, hygiene standards are having a significant impact to the hospitality industry.

Whilst hygiene is not often in the spotlight when managed well, it quickly becomes central focus when managed poorly. With high levels of traffic and turnaround throughout the year, it is an everyday challenge for hotels to maintain the highest hygiene standards across large and varied premises.

Good hand hygiene is vital to create environments where guests feel rested and reassured. It also influences how your brand is perceived long after check-out.

What does our guide include?

Our guide includes:

  1. Ensuring your guests have the correct facilities to practice good hand hygiene
  2. Good reasons why employees should practice good hand hygiene
  3. Maintaining a positive hand hygiene culture in your hotel kitchens
  4. Five top tips for hotels
  5. Free hand hygiene posters to download and use

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