Anti-fatigue Mats

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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Floor care needs may vary in forms and when health and safety is top priority, the right floor mat is definitely one of the key factors towards building a healthy work environment especially in an industrial business. Prolonged hours of standing i.e. along production assembly lines or service counters, take a toll on workers' health. 

Ergonomically-designed, Initial Hygiene Singapore anti-fatigue mats address common problems such as joint pain, backache and tiredness. They're also proven to increase concentration and efficiency. 

Improve the staff morale and make their life more comfortable today!

Mat service cycle

Our Serviced Mats are regularly swapped for fresh quality‐checked replacements at a frequency that suits your business need.

  • Discreet collection service with no interruption to your business. 
  • Specialist laundering ensures cleanliness. 
  • All mats are fully quality checked. 
  • Reliable delivery and professional installation.