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COVID-19 recovery programme

Germs and pathogens can spread easily from person to person, surface to person or via the air. When a person coughs or sneezes, they produce airborne respiratory droplets that can be inhaled or contaminate surfaces and objects. Throughout the day, hands that touch these surfaces can transmit germs to other surfaces or directly to people. Touching our eyes, nose or mouth transmits these germs easily into the body. Commonly-touched surfaces including keyboards, lift buttons and door handles can also act as reservoirs for these infectious organisms.

Prevent the spread of germs and protect the safety of your staff and visitors with our COVID-19 Recovery Programme to prepare your business for operations after the circuit breaker.

Good personal hygiene starts with hand washing

Our hands touch many different surfaces and acquire the germs that are on them. A 20-second hand wash is essential to help prevent the transmissions of infections and diseases. Initial’s range of no-touch, antimicrobial soap dispensers, combined with our high-performance consumables that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, offer superior handwashing.

They are ideal for key hygiene hotspots such as washrooms, kitchens and food preparation areas because they can promote handwashing compliance among employees and minimize the risk of cross contamination.

Reduce transmission and risk of diseases with hand sanitisers

Hand sanitiser

Our range of hand sanitizer solutions includes intelligent, non-contact sensor technology and high-performance sanitising solution to kill 99.99% of germs. It is simple to use and provides users with an extra protection and assurance against disease-causing germs.

Initial’s range of hand sanitisers can be positioned in high-traffic areas throughout your premises such as outside toilets or receptions. Advocating regular sanitising can help prevent recontamination and the spread of germs via hand-to-surface or hand-to-person contact.

Prevent the spread of germs on wet hands

wet hands

Not only can wet hands lead to a workplace hazard, causing slips and falls, they also carry a greater risk of cross-contamination than dry hands, spreading 1,000 times more bacteria. Dry your hands using and an air hand dryer or paper towel to reduce workplace injuries and transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Cubical hygiene solutions help reduce transmission risks

toilet seat cleaner

Germs spread easily in a toilet cubicle. Flushing the toilet with the lid up can also cause sneeze effect, causing clouds of tiny water droplets associated with urine and faecal matter to spread. Therefore, it is without doubt that the toilet seats contain harmful bacteria including E. coli and Salmonella. Not only does the use of a toilet seat cleaner and toilet sanitiser help to effectively remove 99.99% of harmful germs, but also encourage good washroom hygiene habits.

Achieve cleaner air with InspireAir 72

Inspire 72

The air we breathe in may contain harmful gases and particles, which can affect our health and level of comfort. Air quality matters for a holistic and robust solution on sanitisation. The InspireAir 72 air purification unit helps achieve cleaner and fresher air that promotes a healthier, comfortable and productive environment.

The features and benefits of InspireAir 72 include:

  • Remove 95% of harmful airborne particles as little as 0.3 microns in size
  • Reduce odour and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) such as cigarette smoke
  • 4-step filtration effectively reduces harmful gases and particles through the primary filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon VOC filter and clean air sanitizer
  • Real-time display of air quality including the PM 2.5, humidity and TVOC
  • Discreet castors enables to unit to be moved around easily

Surface Sanitisation helps to reduce disease-causing germs


In complement to good personal hygiene and air hygiene, surface sanitisation also plays a critical role in reducing viruses and bacteria. Rentokil’s Surface Shield Sanitisation and Disinfection Treatment involve the application of a solution, in the form of mist, to areas of your property. This treatment effectively removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to protect your employees, customers and family against diseases including the coronaviruses and pest-borne diseases. The solution is proven to last up to 30 days. Routine cleaning does not disrupt the antimicrobial activity and effectiveness.

Sign up for a disinfection treatment with Rentokil Singapore.

Prevent cross-infection and spread of viruses and diseases with Initial's Antimicrobal Film

antimicrobial film

Sharing and exchanging of common items including shopping carts, lift buttons, door handles and knobs can cause infectious diseases to spread and transfer. This is also commonly known as cross infection. Besides hand hygiene solutions to combat cross infection, Initial also offers the newly-innovated Antimicrobal Film that contains anti-bacterial qualities including silver nano coatings. This effectively removes up to 99.99% of diseases-causing bacteria and viruses including Staphylococcus and E. coli, while offering a 24/7 long-term protection against infectious diseases and viruses even without regular cleaning.

This innovation is ideal to be applied in a wide range of locations including offices, retail malls, hospitals, banks, educational institutes and residential apartments.

Ensure well-being by protecting against Dengue Fever in Singapore

COVID-19 has drawn attention away from the notorious Dengue Fever. A third strain of the dengue virus has surfaced. With the lack of knowledge and immunity on this new strain of dengue virus can result in more reported cases. Additionally, with a change to a warmer climate, dengue cases can heighten as their lifecycle is shortened to 7 days instead of the usual lifecycle of 15 days. This suggests that eggs will develop in adult mosquitoes in a shorter time, resulting in more mosquitoes in the environment.

Besides good housekeeping practices such as removing stagnant water, mosquito control activities can help you prevent mosquito breeding at home. Rentokil Singapore has recently introduced contact-less mosquito control with the In2Care mosquito trap. This trap works to create a domino effect to eliminate adult mosquitoes in the surrounding.

Contact Rentokil Singapore to find out more on the mosquito control methods available.

Hygiene services for your business

Initial’s holistic approach to hygiene solutions ensures businesses are covered in all key risk areas.

  • Dedicated, expert hygiene services and award winning products
  • Comprehensive range of hand and surface hygiene solutions to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses
  • Delivering best practice, complying with all hygiene and environmental regulations
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