Enhanced Odour Management (IOS)

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Featuring Initial Odour Solution (IOS)

Odour, a common complaint rising among businesses. Persistent bad smell is a real challenge for many facility management and a regular concern among hotel housekeepers as well. Bad smell and odour affect your business negatively especially for F&B businesses. 

Controlling serious odour problem with IOS- Introducing Initial Odour Solution, an odour control misting system with electronic compressor & digital/analog controller. IOS is an innovation to cater to advanced air care with high needs, resolving problem for places with malodour challenges.

Suitable Locations to Control Odour

Garbage Area/ Trash Rooms & Chutes

Build-up odour with massive waste.

Storage Area

Poor ventilation or decomposed pest stench arises.

Exhaust Stacks/ Kitchen Exhaust

Poor ventilation with food fumes acumalation.

Food Preparation Area

Food disposal and waste, a common odour cause.


Severe Odour, encrustration build up or poor ventilation.

Recyling Plants, Wastewater Plants

Possible odour-arising activities.