Germguard Mats

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Germguard Mats

Ordinary traditional mats are not designed to cope with large traffic environment and can quickly degenerate, letting in dirt and muddy water eventually becoming breeding ground for millions of germs and bacteria. 

Presence and usage of water is unavoidable in various environment. For example in an office, ways water are being introduced include from a rainy weather, washing of cups and utensils at the pantry, washing of hands at the wash basins or wetting of washroom floor due to hand washing without drying before exiting. Wet floors create potential dangerous slips and falls. 

Besides improving facility maintenance, floor mats are essential to enhance health and safety, by ensuring your facility is established in a safe manner.

Work smarter: our mats are fully serviced

For mats to work effectively and stand out visually they have to be professionally serviced with specialist laundering — not just vacuumed.

Worn mats can be ineffective, unsightly and may trip visitors or staff. We work with you to understand your business’s specific needs. We’ll then recommend the best solutions to protect your people and premises.

Mat service cycle

Our Serviced Mats are regularly swapped for fresh quality‐checked replacements at a frequency that suits your business need.

  • Discreet collection service with no interruption to your business.
  • Specialist laundering ensures cleanliness.
  • All mats are fully quality checked.
  • Reliable delivery and professional installation.