Grease Trap Cleaning

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Grease Trap Cleaning

Dispose grease waste safely and maintain the grease trap filter to prevent odour, blockages in sewers and overflowing of waste water. Use a regulated de-silting solutions provider to proactively reduce drainage problems. 

In Singapore, grease trap cleaning for all F&B businesses is required to adhere to Public Utilities Board (PUB) guidelines. 

Initial Hygiene desilting solution uses high pressure vacuum tankers deployed to dispose waste safely. Effective desilting of solids & semi-liquid wastes in:

  • Grease/ oil interceptors
  • Sludge pits or septic tanks
  • Ejector/ divertor tanks
  • Rain water sump pit

The Leading Specialist Hygiene Solutions

Established since 1988, Initial Specialist Hygiene Solution is one of the various business arms under the Rentokil Initial group. 

A complete and integrated range of drainage management solutions, we provide important service lines such as high pressure water jet and grease trap cleaning. 

Be assured to receive support by a team of dedicated specialists with leading innovations designed for drainage problems.