How to Scent?

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Cutting Edge Technology to Deliver Scenting Innovation

Utilising cutting edge technology to deliver scenting solution to enhance your brand and engage your visitors, Initial provides a complete solution for your business and environment. We work to bring your service quality and user experience to a higher notch. 

The Micro-Droplet Technology disperse 1/125,0000th of the weight of a 50-micron droplet, thus creating a more uniform scent coverage.

Refining Solutions by Prioritising Safety

All our scenting units and fragrances advocate the following: 

  • SDS 
  • PPM (1 part per million - concentration) 
  • IFRA and LEED certification 
  • Droplet size approximately less than 10 micron 
  • REACH compliance 
  • Free from harmful VOC 
  • Safe fragrance concentration