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Premium Scenting range

Find out which scent suits you the best to represent your brand and to associate your business with.

Which Scent Is Right For You?

By conducting structured surveys of your business, Initial takes into consideration of your brand persona and business area to recommend the perfect scent that represents your brand. Whether you are looking for a refreshing and uplifting or relaxing and soothing scent, our scent range will be able to cater to every need.


Initial Singapore Scent Boutique

Discover a range of scents to add dimension to your brand. 

We study your brand persona to recommend suitable scents for your environment. Register for a scenting complimentary trial to scent your space and lift moods today!


Fresh clean

Sweet orange and honeysuckle, perfect for a crisp and refreshing atmosphere.

Green Tea

Notes of jasmine, muguet and rose with signature aroma, brightened with zest.

Spring Fresh

Lush, watery greens blended with touches of apple, adds a sparkling freshness.

Fresh Water

Cool marine scent of dewy green notes. evoking comforting and fresh moment.

Verbena Tea

Fresh and soothing blend of white tea and citrus bouquet, a peaceful finish.

A Perfect Day

Watery, citrus and fresh green aldehydic notes, exuding a relax ambiance.


Earthy lemongrass, clary sage and sandalwoods, adds warmth and comfort.

Clean Cotton

Fresh essence enhanced by comforting floral nuances and creamy musk.

Pomegranate Fusion

Vibrant pomegranates, a touch of ginger and citrus, a warm zesty feel.

Tidal Wave

Fusion of zesty orange, greens, floral and sandalwood, adds dimension to richness.

Lemongrass Ginger

Blend of lemongrass, verbena and a hint of warm spice, an uplift aura.

Water Fall

Blend of lemongrass, verbena and a hint of warm spice, an uplift aura.

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Air fresheners

Scenting is proven to attract, engage and build deep, lasting customer connections with your brand. Our advanced solutions deliver the perfect scent impression to create memorable experiences.