Disinfects soles of footware with Initial's Microshield Footbath Mat

Microshield Footbath Mat

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Microshield Footbath Mat

Protection against germs begin at the doorstep. Shoes can bring in dirt, viruses and bacteria including E.coli and pneumonia diseases.

The Microshield Footbath Mat offers a barrier to prevent contamination within your office, education institute, hotel, gym or restaurant. It is designed to effectively get rid of bacteria and viruses by sanitising and disinfecting soles of footwear entering your premise. A reduction in germs can promote a cleaner and hygienic space for your staff, students and customers to work, dine, shop and study in.

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Work smarter: our mats are fully serviced

For mats to work effectively they have to be serviced professionally with specialist laundering — not just vacuumed.

Worn mats can be ineffective, unsightly and may trip visitors or staff. We work with you to understand your business’s specific needs. We’ll then recommend the best solutions to protect your people and premises.