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Useful hygiene tips from The Hygiene Library

While we engage in busy work schedule, we tend to forget or neglect in cultivating proper and adequate hygiene habits. Worst of all, we might take hygiene and cleanliness for granted, including simple hygiene activities such as hand washing. The Hygiene Library is a quick one-stop information hub for you to learn about total hygiene and retrieve educational materials for your reference.

Did you dispose your sanitary napkin correctly?

Do you know improper way of disposing sanitary napkin could cause various implications such as choked toilets, foul smell, pest attraction and even cross contamination. Here are some easy steps you can take to cultivate good feminine hygiene.

Download your Feminine Hygiene Instructional Label

Download your Feminine Hygiene Instructional Label 2

It takes seconds to contaminate your hands

Do you know it only requires just 20 seconds to wash your hands properly? These contaminated hands can potentially transfer virus to more than 5 surfaces or 14 objects. Hand washing should never be neglected and should be cultivated in your lifestyle.

Wash Your Hands 

  • before and after eating 
  • Before and after handling food preparations 
  • Before and after visiting a washroom 
  • After a sneeze or cough 
  • After handling rubbish or disposing waste and sanitary napkins

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Toilet seat may contain harmful bacteria

E. Coli, Shigellosis, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus Aureus are some common bacteria that can spread to humans through cross contamination. These germs and bacteria may cause food poisoning, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), skin infection, inflammation of intestines or even severe fever, vomitting and diarrhea. Protect yourself by using a Toilet Seat Cleaner.

Download your 4 Easy Toilet Seat Cleaning Steps