My Hygiene Quick Tips

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5 Office Hygiene Tips You Must Know

#1 With regular activities engaged and frequent contact of desk and chair surfaces and tools such as desk phone, mouse, computer and keyboard, it is important to maintain good housekeeping at your area and adopt optimal hand hygiene, by using a hand sanitiser and cultivate handwashing habits to prevent cross contamination

#2 The spread of germs and bacteria can be caused by close contact with unwell people. Remember to throw away tissues used for sneezing into the bin and wash your hands thereafter, can help improve hygiene standards in the workspace. If you are using a handkerchief, do not let it hang around at your desk, to avoid colleagues picking up germs through contact.

#3 Poor washroom habits should be corrected to raise hygiene standards and improve the general well-being of employees. For example, flush with the lid down to prevent “sneeze effects”, dispose sanitary napkins in the feminine hygiene unit provided instead of flushing it down, squatting or hovering over the toilet seat can be dangerous, request for toilet seat cleaner installed in the cubicle. Wet floors are not only the usual washroom complaint, but also increases the risks of slips and falls. Always remember to dry your hands with paper towel or hand dryer instead of flicking excess water to the floor.

#4 Eating and drinking at the workstation is a common practice in most offices. While it brings convenience to employees, the workstation harbors a lot of harmful bacteria and putting the employees at risks of cross contamination during their meal times. Of course, not forgetting the risks of attracting pests such as cockroaches and ants with these food sources made available to them.

#5 When we return from lunch or just reporting to work, we might bring in dirt, germs and grime via our shoes! As we face a busy work schedule, these contamination-risk actions tend to be ignored. You can minimize these risks by engaging floor care solutions, which are design to trap dirt and grime and are serviced and processed to deliver optimal hygiene standards for your employees.

Raise your hygiene standards in the office and improve the safety and general wellbeing of the employees by engaging adequate and integrated hygiene solutions. Our specialist is just a quick online form away.