My Hygiene Quick Tips

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Adopting the Right Hand Hygiene

Do you know, people contact, interactive activities and daily actions are culprits to spreading germs and bacteria, thus causing infection risks? By cultivating the right hand hygiene, we can help to miminise these risks and protect ourselves from getting ill.  It is also important to be socially responsible to the people around us, including kids or toddlers, family, colleagues and customers.

Remember to wash your hands

As we are constantly caught in busy work schedule or got carried away by leisure activities, simple act of washing hands could be forgotten.  Our hands tend to pick up germs in the midst of engagement, and adopting adequate hand hygiene can help protect ourselves from contracting an infection. Hand washing is not just applicable in the washroom, but commonly includes out-of-the-washroom locations. For example after touching work station items such as desk phone, computer or writing tools, using meeting rooms with interaction of frequently touched surfaces such as door knob, chairs and desks or before you eat your meals during your lunch break.

Hand sanitisers are handy

We may be unaware of our actions such as touching our face, rubbing our eyes or blowing our nose. It is helpful to hand sanitisers to prevent any transfer of germs and bacteria from your hands to sensitive parts of your body that may make you fall ill.

Washing hands in a correct manner

It is not just a drop of soap, creating lather and rinsing your hands with water will do the trick. Proper hand washing consist of 8 steps that adequately and thoroughly covers your hands in just 20 seconds. Retrieve the hand washing steps here.

Wet hands can attract bacteria

Damp hands actually spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.  Help to protect yourself from these harmful germs by drying your hands completely after using the washroom or cleaning cups or eating tools in the pantry.  Hand drying facilities can be installed to help optimise your end users’ hygiene standards.

Not sure which hand hygiene solution is suitable for your environment? Our team of specialists can perform a site survey to study your office environment, occupancy rate, washroom traffic and usage level. Meet the team of Hygiene experts.