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Are You Sourcing for Air Freshener?

If yes, you have come to the right page! Over here we will tell you some of the most important things to take note of when it comes to getting the right air freshener for your facility. We make your sourcing job a lot easier for you.

Check list number 1

Are you able to control or program the air freshener?

.Make sure that the new air freshener you are getting, is fully programmable, gives you the flexibility to adjust the frequency of spraying the fragrance

.This is because an air freshener which allows you to control the time and frequency ends up with more consumer savings as you are able to adjust according to operation hours, the intensity need and number of times the air freshener should be spraying.

Check list number 2

How do you ensure the air freshener units are always working well?

.Maintenance is important after you have purchased or after you have rented the air freshener units to be fixed on your premise. We will want to ensure that the downtime is at its minimal, offering freshness to users preferably at all times.

.You will need to ensure that you are able to receive services mainly for maintenance and servicing. Servicing includes refills, cleaning and battery change for the air freshener units to keep them in tip top working condition.

Check list number 3

Who do I reach out to for customer care services and feedback?

.There is always a time when we notice something wrong and we will want to raise an issue to resolve quickly. Make sure you have a customer care hotline to reach out to whenever the need arises.

.Having a feedback means maintaining interaction with the brand. It is a good thing. Whether it is a service or product feedback, someone must be able to take care of these for you. Do consider this check list thoroughly in your sourcing for air freshener process.

Check list number 4

Placing an air freshener- Beyond the washroom

.Ironically, many decision-makers will think that washroom is the only suitable location to fix an air freshener. But you being the better informed purchaser knows that placing an air freshener can go beyond the washroom.

.You can explore strategic locations with a hygiene specialist, who is well versed on air flow, hot spots, and high traffic areas, which can be highly suitable to place an air freshener to easily spruce up the entire atmosphere.

.Make sure that during your sourcing journey, there is a hygiene specialist to help you along, giving you expert tips and advices. Besides air freshener, you can even explore Scenting, an option which provides a high professional level to change up the ambiance at your premise.

Check list number 5

My washroom is non-air conditioned!

.Did you know? Air freshener may come in the form of a spray or fan. In a non-air conditioned open air space, an air fresh fan may work better than an air fresh spray. This is because the fan movement is able to disperse continuous fragrance, with vents to optimize air flow and fragrance dispersion.

.Make sure that you can have an option of an air fresh fan in the event your premise is non-air conditioned. Do not be limited by a vendor’s limitation! Choose one who can give you the option of both air freshener spray and air freshener fan to try out which works best for you in the long run.

Check list number 6

Do they come in colours? :)

.We understand that a sourcing process can be dull and mundane at times, always looking for the best vendor, best product and dealing with multiple quotes and product kits. Why don’t we make it fun for you? Air fresheners do not have to be boring!

.Would you like champagne? Or would you like a beautiful tone of turquoise? Air fresheners can come in beautiful colours to suit your premise on a more customised level! Using the basis on colour psychology, we can learn more on colours and their meaning for us in our daily lives.

.For example, the colour Green reassures abundance of refreshment and harmony. Colour has a psychological influence on mood and behavior, reflect brand personality and evoke emotions. Ultimately, colours help to create a positive impact on end users!

Colours are powerful. You can explore 7 stunning colours on this page here today- Explore Initial Hygiene Colour Range