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Are You Sourcing for Door Mats?

Are you sourcing for door mats in Singapore? If yes, here are a few tips to get you going quickly:

1.) Know the basic functions of a door mat

.Maintain the floor clean as it can trap grime, dust and dirt

.Keep the floor dry, as it can trap water and reduce water being brought in especially during rainy days because during a rainy day, the amount of dirt and debris can multiply up to 12 times

.Gives a warm and positive welcome impression for visitors

2.) Know that some door mats are for safety reason

.35% of workplace injuries are due to slips, trips and falls. Certain floor mats are placed for health and safety reasons- to prevent a slippery floor in cases of greasy and wet work stations

.Floor mats are placed at work production lines to reduce fatigue from long hours of standing

.An absorbent high quality welcome floor mat, effectively reduce labor time spent to clean up lobbies, entrances and washrooms

3.) Door mats are not only for entrances, they can be strategically placed for a purpose

.Some floor mats are placed near washing areas such as washroom handwashing basins, pantry’s dish washing area. These purposeful locations help to reduce water spillage and having dirt and dust stepped all over.

4.) Door mats and all floor mats have to be regularly washed and maintained

All mats on the floor, having served its purpose, have to be washed and sanitised regularly. A hygiene service provider is able to do this with routine schedules set up for maintenance.

5.) Not all floor mats and door mats are of high quality and safe to use

Besides looking for a service provider which supply their floor mats with maintenance available, it is important to source your door mat supply with a reputable, safe and trusted hygiene partner.

Mats bought off the shelves or D.I.Y. placement of mats at unsuitable location can cause more harm than good. These mats have to be of high quality and be carefully designed to meet safety standards. Find a reliable hygiene company who can provide expert advices on the correct mat usage and placement.

6.) Floor care and floor appearance is becoming more important than you think it is

Did you know? 42% of people judge cleanliness base on floor appearance. A dirty and messy floor appearance naturally put people off and indirectly affects your brand credibility.

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Do the right thing when you are sourcing for door mats, you should treat floor safety as a top priority. Learn how to enhance your brand image today with our Initial Hygiene Experts. Call (65) 6347 8138 today!