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Best Floor Mats for Your Premise

There is an abundance of floor mat options used for domestic or commercial purposes. Besides the type, quality and design, the cost of purchasing these mats vary. Either through off the shelve, wholesale or rental basis, here are some factors to consider which are the best floor mats for your usage.


#1 Beautifying your entrance for aesthetics purpose

Minor details make a big difference. Placing a welcome or entrance mat can help to spruce up the exterior and exude a welcoming vibe to your guests or visitors. Some comes in vibrant colours that can brighten up a plain or minimalist-coloured theme, and some literally “Welcome Guests” with these words printed on the mat.


#2 Enhance safety among the users

Food or drink spills, water drips or a collection of rain puddles due to wet weather, these conditions increase the risks of trip and falls incidents. We all may have encountered 1 or more of these common scenarios that happened daily such as wet washroom particularly at the wash basin area, wet surfaces at the pantry or entrances, slippery and greasy kitchen floors or puddles of stagnant water along the walkways or common spaces. Users can consider commercial floor mats that are designed with high absorbency rate with high nylon binding to hold up to 4 liters of water per meter square.


#3 Promote a clean and hygienic environment

Do you know 80% of dust and dirt are brought in internally by shoes and most vacuum cleaners can only remove around 10% of these dust from the floor? Dust and dirt are regularly presence among us, be it at a retail space, offices, lobbies and receptions and are common cause of allergies and bacteria-causing diseases. Trapping these dirt, dust and grime with Initial Floor Mat can help to promote a cleaner and more hygienic environment.


#4 Taking care of ergonomic needs

Imagine having the need to stand long hours at work every day? Typically happens in an assembly line settings in a production area, checkout counters at supermarkets, or behind receptions and bars for front-facing activities, security checkpoints and catering line, prolonged standing (above 60% of the work time) in a repeated and daily manner may pose health risks such as muscle strain and fatigue that causes aches, pains and musculoskeletal problems, pressure on the kneecaps, ankle and feet, and complications arising of the varicose veins. Mats such as the commercial Anti-Fatigue mats that are designed with unique cushion ergonomics to reduce fatigue and promotes safety.


#5 Conceal cracks and gaps over with a mat

What other brilliant way in covering surface flaws such as cracks, crevices and gaps over with a mat? Yes, for some who choose the quicker and easier option of concealing these defects, perhaps it’s not a best floor mat option. Pests such as ants and cockroaches are common pests which enter into a property easily or hide in these corners for shelter. Instead of resolving the physical defects with a mat, it is worth considering doing patch works or minor renovation to eliminate pest entry.

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