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Cleaning Up After You: Bad Toilet Habits

Did you know? The average person spends 3 years* of his or hers life in the toilet! With so much time of an average person spent in using washrooms, this definitely calls for time and great efforts spent cleaning up. Read this interesting local commentary article here which raises an opinion on barring the usage of public toilets for coffee shop patrons. The author mentions largely on bad toilets habits, irresponsible washroom users, and poor hygiene habits amongst others which inherently cause coffee shop owners their business closure for failing to upkeep and maintain toilet cleanliness.

Do Singapore washroom users really have full of bad toilet habits and depend on our cleaners too much to help clean up after you?

It is definitely not possible to control the way how one uses the washroom, and it is also an uphill journey to educate users in public washrooms the correct and responsible way to enjoy these facilities. Hygiene and cleanliness in washrooms are often taken for granted when someone sees a cleaner there on standby to mop away the water flicked to the floor or they are always there to help refill a toilet roll which has ran out.

Yet, not all washrooms can have the luxury of such diligent cleaning and washing round the clock whenever business is in operation. While many cleanliness problems in public washrooms are caused by ‘user problem’, therefore the need for education and raising hygiene awareness is vital.

With so much time spent used cleaning up toilets, facility management must look into the design, consumables and facilities in-washroom are adequately provided for. These are important factors to support the upkeep and daily maintenance of especially a washroom with high traffic i.e. in a retail shopping mall, hotel and office building.

Now let’s look at one of the most common washroom cleanliness problems- Wet and Slippery Floors. Posing as a health and safety risk, wet and slippery floors in washrooms can cause potential slips and falls among users. The main challenge in getting washroom floors kept clean and dry at all times is because of the on-going hand washing activities.

There are also various other ways water could be introduced into washrooms for example, when it rains outside, wet shoes are brought in with dirt and dust. A user whom incorrectly uses the bidet spray inside the cubicle may end up wetting or ‘flooding’ the entire cubicle floor. And another user who does not bother to dry his or hers hands after washing may just flick the excess water on the floor conveniently.

With such high level of water activities possibly happening altogether at one time, a cleaner would find it difficult and tiring to upkeep a clean and dry floor at all times- this is when facilities in the washroom can step up to alleviate cleaning woes and reduce the extensive labor hours spent.

Floor mats placed strategically at a washroom entrance and near the washing station area are able to trap large amount of water efficiently. This reduces the instances when dirty shoes are stepped all over the washing area and an entrance mat helps trap dirt and dust before it gets inside the washroom.

Washroom facility such as providing Hand Dryer and Hand Towels are also important to encourage a healthier user behavior to dry their hands after washing, ultimately reducing the efforts required to clean wet floors… spending hours after hours to maintain.

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