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Find out about Smart Washroom Hygiene Today

We live in modernisation and seek tech-savvy facilities, at the same time our washrooms are starting to evolve into a Smart space today.

Sensory features are introduced to automate washroom functions. For example, a cubicle is equipped with a smart toilet bowl that lifts lids and flushes automatically, with build in seat warmer and bidet features. Because of the rising hygiene awareness and expectations, non-touch technology is frequently applied in washrooms, including feminine hygiene units.

To avoid any contact and interaction with a washroom unit that harbor various germs and bacteria, the sanitary units are now hands-free. All you need is to wave at the sensor for the lid to open, and female users simply deposit the used napkins before the lid automatically close.

To facilitate washroom maintenance and service standards, restroom visitilizer systems are also incorporated to monitor typical washrooms key indicators such as alert system notification on poor restroom conditions, people counting features to track washroom traffic and smell sensor to measure odour level. Because of the high labor costs required among cleaning contractors and managing agents, productivity is crucial to help manage the rising cost of managing a facility.

As most businesses are embracing energy savings initiatives, waterless urinals are also designed to optimise hygiene standards, save water, improve utilities cost savings and enhance the aesthetics at the same time.

Internet of Things (IOT) technology to remotely monitor and control system settings are also developed to create that additional convenience, ease and seamless washroom operation. For instance, washrooms that are equipped with scenting feature to refresh the environment can now be monitored via a mobile application, IOT Scenting.

It monitors real-time climate, traffic and temperature details, in order to enhance the air scent quality, by tweaking the frequency and intensity level of the fragrance. Turning on and off the units remotely, could also help manage cost more effectively during low traffic period.

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