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Good Toilet Habits: Do You Have 20 Seconds to Spare?

Good toilet habits- Let’s talk about some of the common and good toilet habits you are able to mention easily off the mind today. For example, flushing the toilet after use, helping to replenish the toilet roll when it runs out in the toilet cubicle and washing your hands after using the toilet?

You might think that washing the hands after using the toilet is a norm and part of the good toilet habits everyone around you generally adopt. You could be wrong!

There is always a debate on handwashing habits between the ladies and the men. Are ladies in general, having better hygiene habits than their counterpart? And are the men guilty of not washing their hands as diligently when compared to the ladies? Let us hear your voices and opinions, share with us what you have seen and heard around! Drop us a Facebook message here. No worries, we are friendly.

As our hands are constantly in contact with surfaces, actions, activities or an environment with people interaction and traffic, we are unable to assure hygiene is met with our naked eyes.

There are different things which go onto our hands daily in the motion. Our hands, all in a day could carry mucus, saliva, dust residue and even a virus! A toilet visit brings back more hand contamination therefore if you do not wash your hands after that; you spread germs and bacteria around without the ability to see them.

Worst of all, when you start to go about shaking hands with your business associates or acquaintances with the same pair of hands after you visit the toilet you may end up transferring all these germs, dirt and grim to them.

Good Toilet Habits


It only takes 20 seconds to wash your hands with soap and water properly

Do you have 20 seconds to spare after a washroom visit? And yes, it only takes 20 seconds to wash your hands and you could help to reduce diarrheal diseases by 50% and minimise respiratory infections by 16%.

Did you know? Our Global Handwashing Day falls on 15 October each year!

Do your part for social responsibility; wash your hands after every washroom visit. Keep our working and play environment a safe place for everyone in the public. It only takes 20 seconds to wash your hands! For more good toilet habits, read our article on 4 Healthy Toilet Habits You can Start Today