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How to Become a Better Store Owner- Scent Marketing

The best way to set a person’s mood is to entice their sense of smell. It affects a human’s behaviour towards their emotion, decision making, and preferences. That is why, many businesses used this as a platform to improve their customer experience and enhance their brand image. It’s called Scent Marketing.

Scenting uplifts the ambiance of your store. It opens a whole new dimension for the brand to indirectly communicate with their guests and target audience. Imagine if you have a resort spa or retail space, wouldn’t it be more rewarding if your customers are not just walking into a well-lit, well-interior-decorated lobby but they are also welcomed with a warm, refreshing atmosphere?

Study shows that the scent of a store helps in improving the sales and revenue of a business plus it triggers good impression and patronage to the brand. It’s basically like walking past a cafe and smelling the aroma of brewing coffee. Even if it’s four in the afternoon, you’re sure to be rushing to the cashier to order your tall hot cup of cappuccino. That’s the magic of scent marketing; it convinces people in a level that a normal signage or advertising may not do the trick.

Why should you go for scent marketing?

Aside from the fact that it creates a lasting impression and it improves the experience of your customers, the power of scenting offers a whole lot more benefits to a business.

  • It builds your image when your store’s scent is complementing with the interior and aesthetics of your store.
  • It basically shows quality service through enhanced customer experience.
  • It influences customers and potential clients and promotes patronage and loyalty.
  • It also improves the morale of your employees because it’s refreshing smell is conducive for work environment.

Scenting the different spaces of your store

If you think that scenting can only be done on your store’s lobby or main showroom, then you may be wrong. To have a holistic scenting experience, you can extend the setting of your ambiance to the other parts of your store. From your lobby, reception area, and even on the elevator landing area, you can choose to have a unique scent to welcome your guests and employees.

Furthermore, you can set a positive aura in your meeting or conference rooms with the right combination of scents. Even for workspaces, you can help turn a busy and hectic day by having a relaxing and calming atmosphere throughout the area.

Gone are the days of detergent-smelling toilets. You can choose how you want your washrooms to smell like. It will not just be clean but giving that refreshing and perceived hygienic ambiance - where people will actually be confident in using your facilities.

Choosing your scent

As one of the leading scent company in Singapore, Initial Singapore offers a wide range of choices of scents. You can consult for an evaluation of your store or business area to have a personalised scenting suggestion.

Build up in-store ambience with scents such as: Fresh Clean with a sweet orange and honeysuckle smell; Green Tea that has a signature aroma of combined jasmine, muguet, and rose; Spring Fresh that adds a sparkling freshness with lush, watery greens blended with touches of apple; an evoking comfort brought by cool marine scent of dewy green notes for Spring Fresh; and a whole lot more.

Just like when having different marketing strategies, choosing your scent should also correspond with the nature of your business and the image that you want to portray. Boost your business with scent marketing.

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