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Odor Challenge, a Common Complaint among Businesses

Facility management businesses have a complex and challenging service to manage, particularly managing their customers’ property and meeting their high expectations, needs and demands. Odor, a common complaint faced among these managing agents, which often persist with no solution.  Typical locations include garbage or waste refuse center, exhaust or drain with poor ventilation and washroom.

Most owners tend to resort “musking” the problem, by installing deodorizer, humidifier, air freshener or diffusers. However, this actually worsen the condition, incurring additional cost that do not value-add or resolve the problem, and worst of all, increasing the complaints and dissatisfaction among the customers.

Housekeepers In hospitality sector face similar situation. For instance, where their garbage area is located at the basement, the odor could actually spread to surrounding locations, affecting the experience of their guests. Within the food preparation or central kitchen area, where food wastage and preparation are often left in the open, foul smell or turn bad and diffuse to guest/public areas, such as common walkway and corridor.

As the leading hygiene solutions specialist, Initial constantly seeks innovation to solve customers’ persistent problems and challenges. Initial Odor Solution, a new innovation that controls serious odor problem by installing a control system with electronic compressor and digital or analog controller. An environmentally-friendly and safe solution, the system is able to cater multiple distribution outlets. Besides garbage or refuse center, Initial Odor Solution (IOS) is also applicable to storage areas, recycling or wastewater plant, kitchen exhaust locations, trash rooms and chutes, food preparation area and even washroom.

While odor or foul smell can be treated with advance air care such as IOS, it is important to address root source of the problem. For instance, it could be a built-up of grease or accumulated oil/fats, poor sanitation and hygiene, presence of food wastage, encrustation or decomposed and non-removed pests lying around.

Persistent odor can be frustrating and damaging to the businesses and it is important to get professional help to do a site survey to identify root cause, so that the right solution can be recommended.  For example, bio-sanitisers are recommended to install at the urinals or toilet cubicles to minimize germs, bacteria and encrustation built-up. Grease-interceptors within the drainage specialist divisions are often offered to food establishments, particularly in the kitchen.

Initial, is more than just a hygiene solutions business. We offer integrated solutions by covering pest management needs, and help businesses to keep pest infestation at bay and identify potential pest root source.

Let the experts resolve your concerns and recommend the ideal solutions for your environment.