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Reasons Why Employees Fall Sick

1. Working too much overtime (OT) 

It is now 6p.m. in the office, some sections of the lights go out and the air-con already turned off. Yet, do you realise some of the workers stay behind to catch up on back log or to rush that last minute assignment needed for tomorrow’s meeting? Unknowingly, you seem to catch this OT trend become increasingly common. More and more workers seem to find staying back after the normal working hours a required and a norm, this is definitely getting unhealthy in Singapore work culture. 

Working too much overtime in the office means lesser time spent outside, getting home late and having irregular or unhealthy takeout meals. When one gets home late on a weekday, they do not get enough rest; bed time could also be later than the usual. Yet all the same, they wake up early to reach the office the next day like anyone else. A decreasing work-life balance proves detriment to a worker’s health, social and mental well-being states. It would not be long before you start to notice those who do not get enough rest, end up calling in sick. 

2. Blame it on the weather… 

With a typical day temperature in Singapore soaring to as high as 35 degree, the sweltering heat gives no mercy to anyone out under the sun. If you are intending to stay outdoors for more than a while, sun care and protection have to be in place. Besides protecting yourself from excessive harmful UV rays, prepare an umbrella to get for yourself some shade to reduce direct sun exposure. It is definitely important to keep yourself cool and stay well hydrated throughout the day. 

Yet this unforgiving heat may get to some people in the office who go out during lunch time, or those who head out to run an errand. That is when you hear them say “I’m under the weather today”, meaning the individual is slightly unwell or in low spirits, usually under the influence of the weather. 

3. You have an unhygienic washroom

To spread bacteria and illnesses in an office, unhygienic washrooms could often be the source, offering optimal breeding environments for these bacteria to thrive in. This is an express train to having more absenteeism, more sick days and resulting in lower productivity in the workplace. 

The consequences of unhygienic washroom experiences could also have significant impact on staff morale and a business’ brand. People can feel disgusted and disrespected, and these feelings go on to influence their perceptions of the environment they are in.

In an unhygienic washroom, generally you would notice the lack of facilities and amenities, resulting in poor washroom behaviour. For example, with no paper towel or hand drying equipment made available, users would most likely flick away excess water on their hands after washing onto the floor. This not only makes the floor wet and slippery, it also encourages bacteria and germs growth in the wet environment. 

4. Your office poor hygiene behaviour further exacerbates 

Do you have that one or two person in the office who always sneezes freely without covering up their mouths? This always happens! Worst of all, at times you happen to catch that colleague walking out of the washroom without washing his or hers hands after use. Geez! 

Combined with these poor hygiene behaviours, the problem of an unhygienic washroom is exacerbated, as germs in the washroom make their way onto hands that are then spread easily throughout the office, impacting the health of employees. 

A pleasant work environment heightens the morale and productivity of your employees and this includes having a clean and hygienic washroom. 

While the above reasons may lead to a gradual development of an unmotivated and uninspired work culture, you could do your part to stop this and make things right. Start by taking the very initial steps to a conducive workspace- the washroom

Key areas you should attend to in achieving a successful star-rated clean washroom include managing its Air Care, Floor Care, Hand Care and Cubicle Hygiene areas. Read more for the full list of the details here on How to Improve Office Hygiene.

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