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Scent Marketing in Singapore

Scent Marketing in Singapore

Scent marketing in Singapore has increasingly becoming more popular as brands and business owners seek for that unique identification using creative ways to stand out from intense competition.

Many companies especially retailing companies are quick to evolve and adapt quickly in order to stay relevant and competitive. In a Retail Trends study carried out by KPMG, one of the biggest consumer trends is “Customer experience is more important than ever”, as the number one goal for retailers is to differentiate themselves and be set apart from others.

Amidst the rising scale of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, various digital tools and an online self-learning environment purported in our consumer world, Singapore is a matured country in her use of digital technology.

The type of online influence has elevated the Singapore consumers in many ways, changing them to become better informed, better educated, and definitely more connected in ways we have never before though of.

The use of scent marketing in retail stores and by business brands, ultimately aims to drive through this overly crowded online environment, whereby consumers are at the receiving ends of getting too much information than what they really need.

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The Rise of E-Commerce

With the rise of e-commerce, online buying has significantly stopped the crowds from going into shopping malls in Singapore. It is evident with this major behavior change, retail malls realise that many shoppers are not just going to the malls to shop, instead, activity-based retailers are going to be the main stayers as to why a shopper visits a mall.

Activities in a mall such as going to a gym, attend a dance class, road show promotions, fun fairs and experiential food fairs are important.

It is becoming a strategy to start to draw in the crowds first.  

Scent marketing in Singapore helps brands to achieve customer experience, to leave behind a positive impact and good impression in their minds… even long after they leave the shop, office or building.

Lifting moods- Scenting is a powerful trigger of emotions and memories amongst all our senses. 75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. In a retail environment, 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment.

If scent marketing is one intangible way to reach out to your group of consumers, ultimately triggering a positive retention rate for your business, why not start by taking a free trial here with Initial Hygiene Experts.

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