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What is Floor Mat Price Like?

Cleanliness has become a common and important facility management responsibility and concern in most businesses. Besides washroom, which has been an ongoing challenge and struggle, such as keeping it dry, freshly scented and hygienic, other spaces has also become part of the maintenance focus. There are various ways to help contain these germs or bacteria, especially bringing it into your service or work space.

The usual misperception on the need for floor mats is that it is required only at the entrance, which can be easily substituted with retail-purchased mats. In fact, most businesses are unware professional servicing floor mats are available to provide optimal hygiene and cleanliness standard, while helping to take care of janitorial maintenance and operating costs.

What determines a good floor mat?

Every step we take, bacteria and germs are collected under our shoes which are then brought into the property or environment. Placing the right mat at the right location, these dirt and grime can be effectively trapped.

Here are a few check lists to look out for in high quality floor mats:

  • High quality floor mats are manufactured with maximum absorbency and performance to contain and trap volumes of dust, dirt, grime and spills.
  • Safety is a priority. Excellent floor mats are designed to minimise slips and falls.
  • Optimal hygiene protection by reducing potential breeding grounds of bacteria.

Different floor mat, different floor mat price?

Yes, there is no “1 size fits all” kind of mat that meets every floor care purpose and objective. For example, the classic floor mats are largely used at entrances for commercial spaces such as offices or retail mall with high traffic area. 

For environments that require additional care besides the usual dirt trapping function such as the germguard mat, they come with an improved water-catching ability. For such functions, they are perfect for places with high water usage and presence for example, in washrooms, pantries, production area or kitchens. 

Do you know, mats are not just functional in trapping dirt and moisture, but there are options to meet ergonomic needs. For certain business and occupations that require prolonged standing such as production area, warehousing or logistics, assembly line, bar receptions and checkout counters. The anti-fatigue mat is produced with material that helps soften the pressure when an individual step on it, and providing the comfort and health aid we need.

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Where and how to use floor mats

Where: High traffic area, entrances, water-generating spaces, greasy and grimy nature surfaces or occupational-related work environment.

Which: Depending on your needs, nature of environment and usage purpose, the relevant floor mat will be recommended, whether it is to welcome guests, trap dirt or grime, absorb water and moisture, for safety reasons such as accidents or for ergonomic purposes. There are times where 2 or more types of mats are recommended to place at your environment to provide a complete and integrated floor care management.

How: Site survey and assessment are usually conducted to advice better on the relevant mats to adopt, its location or locations identified and adequacy (for example, number of mats required) and frequency of service for the premise. Typically, high traffic area, stringent facility maintenance requirements or prone to hygienic or cleanliness risks, would require a more frequent service schedule.

What is floor mat price like? Will they cost a lot more compared to those purchased from shops? Investment required really depends on the intensity and comprehensiveness of the program. Basic, medium or advanced program can be designed to suit your business needs.

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