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When Do I Need a Drain Specialist? Initial Hygiene Singapore

When Do I Need a Drain Specialist?

If you own a business, are drains and pipes on the last of your checklist for maintenance and repair? That being said, have you ever thought of when do you need a drain specialist?

When managing a business, keeping close attention to workplace hygiene is a key component to satisfying customer needs. Often overlooked, the drainage system and drainage management should always be kept in good condition.

If there’s a problem, there’s a source. Identifying the cause is the first step to eliminating the problem. But what exactly are the likely causes of clogged drainage? A drainage specialist is able to give you the answers.

Cause and Effect

The smallest problem can grow into something bigger. In this case, clogged drainage begins with problems such as food waste, cement, decomposed matter, solid objects, rubbish, and grease. Excess waste like these usually piles up, eventually snowballing until obstruction blocks the drainage.

The effects of obstructed drainage also gradually increase, from minimal to major. At first, you start to notice slow drainage movement. This can be the first sign of clogged drainage. Sinks may take too slow to unload water as multiple connecting drains and pipes choke, causing facility disruption and inconvenience.

When drainage block continues, more severe consequences can appear, such as bad odour and water leaks. Leakage is deadly as it can cause water contamination and produce breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.


Solving the Problem

Never leave your drainage unchecked. The effects of clogging can lead to potential harm and issues, like poor drainage, dirty water, and bad odour. Eventually, unchecked pipes and poor maintenance will have noticeable consequences in your home or establishment.

CCTV pipe scanning service technology uses advanced scanning technology to detect errors and anomalies in your pipes such as cracks and defects. These problems are then recorded for deeper analysis by professionals who will suggest further solutions.

For stubborn waste and obstruction, the Ultra High Jetting is a powerful solution. Concrete chokes in pipes are difficult to eliminate, because of all the hardened rubbish formed in the drainage. With the ultra high jetting technique, pressure of up to 40,000 psi is used to remove pipe and drainage blockage caused by rubbish and waste.


Maintenance is Key

Hold a scheduled weekly or monthly maintenance check-up for your piping and drainage. Such maintenance is a necessity in business establishments where there is a lot of heavy activity in kitchens, basements, or waste disposal areas.

Prevent workplace disasters from happening with good drainage maintenance. Call Initial Hygiene at 6347 8138 to speak to a drain specialist today.