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Why Do We Fall?

With a global monthly search for ‘why do we fall?’ closing in near to 14,800 searches, it is evident that it can be important for people to find out the reason behind for these unfortunate accidents involving slips and falls. A slip or fall can potentially be dangerous and poses a great safety risk.

We believe that no matter where you are at, home or outside, we are generally concerned about slips and falls happening. A floor that is not safe is a floor that can become a top safety worry. What we need to do is to find out how we can make it safe again to prevent accidents from happening.

Why do we fall? Is your floor highlighting some of the key safety worries as per below?

Danger 1: Hard flooring with smooth tiles, do they spell a potential danger?

Yes, water can quickly pool on hard flooring, potentially causing accidents.

Danger 2: Water brought indoors by carelessness, should I care about them?

Yes. They should be cleaned up immediately.

There are various ways water can be introduced indoors by some of the careless behaviors. Water carried in by wet umbrellas brought in from a thunderstorm outside, spilled drinks from a beverage, wet shoes and all washing activities. Any water brought in from outdoors that pool on floor surfaces result in dangerous slippery surfaces.

Danger 3: Uneven surfaces!

Floor surfaces which protrude and leave behind deep pot holes or marks can result in uneven surfaces which lead to higher risks of incidents. Gaps, cracks and large holes should be fixed immediately to prevent pests as well.

Stepping on a wrong foothold on these uneven surfaces can put a person off-balance easily.

Danger 4: Oil and grease layers forming where cooking takes place

A slippery fall may also result from oil and grease leftover on surfaces. As these layers of oil and grease are often transparent and naked to the eye, this makes it even more dangerous for unwary individuals making a quick step on the surface.

Why Do We Fall?

Question: How do we stop falls from happening?

Solution: Floor mats

Did you know? Having a professional floor mat solution in place reduces the risks of all of the above points mentioned.


An anti-slip mat is usually placed on slippery hard surfaces to reduce potential falls.

A floor mat placed at entrances, washing areas and washrooms are able to help absorb water quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of water which is carelessly introduced to the floor.

With lesser amount of water on the floor, this makes the floor safer, thus reducing the chances of slips and falls. A floor mat is able to cover up uneven surface on the floor as well, making it safer to step on.

80% of dust and water are brought indoors by shoes.

Areas with high traffic and high footfalls especially, carry a higher chance of getting a dirty and wet floor. With a floor mat in place at entrances, the dirt and water trapped can help to keep the floor cleaner, thus reducing labor hours needed to clean up.

Washing areas in pantry and washrooms can be equipped with proper floor mats to absorb water resulting from washing activities. This can efficiently reduce dirt and water being stepped all around.

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Remember, a slip or fall can happen in split seconds, do not compromise on anyone’s safety. Contact Initial Hygiene here today.