Are You Safe and Well-Protected In the Washroom Enough?

39% of respondents would prefer to clean the toilet seat before sitting and 40% of washroom users would dry their hands using paper towel. In fact, the need of cleanliness is raised with 25% of respondents whom will go to the extent of using a toilet paper to touch surfaces to avoid contamination. Washrooms habits can be influenced with 28% are reminded to wash their hands after seeing the actions of others. 

While hand hygiene and basic washroom habits are decently observed, the cubicle hygiene and sanitation behavior would need more awareness and education. For instance, every time a toilet is flushed, bacteria are sneezed into a washroom. These bacteria can cover the entire washroom in less than a minute and survive in the air for up to 24 hours. This could also mean, increasing the risks of E-coli bacteria that causes Salmonella, resulting in food poisoning symptoms.  With 29% of washroom users who remembers to lower the lid before flushing, this increases the risks of introducing contamination among washroom users.

The Signature range of Dual Sanitisers are designed to create a fresh and hygienic environment for both above and below the waterline by helping to tackle bacteria, scale and odour. It not only doses on every flush, but can be programmed on timer basis during unoccupied or low traffic environment. The sanitising and environmentally-friendly fluid, which is green label certified, helps to keep sanitary ware clean and fresh upon every flush.

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*Primary research, conducted by research agency Harris Interactive, was based on responses from 5,500 respondents in total (1,100 per country) across several demographic groups from the following countries Australia, UK, Germany, France and Singapore.