Are Singaporeans Demanding in Washroom Experience?

Higher expectations were raised in a public washroom as compared to home bathrooms. For example, typical concerns were raised among the availability of sanitary waste disposal, a washroom that functions properly and well-lit environment.

Besides infrastructure design  that caters sufficient space to move around, particularly high traffic premises or peak usage period, expectations and needs around hygiene facility and safety remains as critical concerns. For instance, 27% of the respondents would prefer dry floors and surfaces, 29% require pleasant smell, 33% need the provision of sanitary waste disposal bins made available and 28% requires no stains, marks or finger prints.


Washroom hygiene solutions are mapped and designed to cater hygiene facilities at different key risk spots addressing from cubicle contamination, such as stains and marks on the toilet seat, to providing proper sensor feminine hygiene unit to dispose sanitary napkins in a hygenic manner, air fresh or scenting solutions to keep the environment fresh and pleasantly scented at all times and floor mats that trap dirt, grime and water to keep place dry and safe for walking. These are the usual touch points that public users face and interact with daily and business owners could also consider an integrated hygiene solutions to cover these touch ponts before it turns into a washroom complaint.

In fact, 31% says they expect cleaner washrooms in the public versus at home of 17%. However, cleaning alone does not create a completely hygienic and bacteria-free washroom. Surfaces may appear clean and white, but still might be contaminated by microorganisms. Good hygiene practices helps to reduce the risks of cross contamination.

A Structured Hygiene Survey (SHS) is available to help swab and test the bacteria count of the key risk surfaces in your washroom. This includes, the flush button, the exit door handle of the cubicle and main entrance and toilet seat.

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*Primary research, conducted by research agency Harris Interactive, was based on responses from 5,500 respondents in total (1,100 per country) across several demographic groups from the following countries Australia, UK, Germany, France and Singapore.