Made-to-order for Aesthetics Enhanced Washroom Solutions

Competition is rising particularly within the hospitality and retail service, lifestyle and luxury arena, brand-centric enthusiast or beauty or fashion interest.  Differentiated and personalised marketing has now become a common business strategy to stay ahead of competition.

As trend moves away from “1 size fits all” concept, businesses are placing more emphasis in personalized marketing to delight end users’ service satisfaction and experience. Consumers’ expectations and demands are rising as we advance in today’s standards of livings. These businesses’ environment and space are under the scrutiny of the public and under the pressure of social media influence.

Why the need to enhance your washroom space? Brand image: the first and last impressions start from your washroom. Besides addressing typical washroom critics including how clean and hygienic the washroom is, are there adequate hygiene facilities available, is it dry and well-scented, but also details covering how aesthetically-enhanced, comfortable and personalised the experience is. A made-to-order addressing aesthetics enhancement in washroom solutions is your answer on how enhance this space with Initial Hygiene Signature Colour.

Available in 7 elegant, vibrant and sleek matt finished colours, Initial Hygiene Signature Colour is innovated to personalise the washroom aesthetics, blending in with the décor, environment, business and end users’ profile. Embracing innovation and aesthetics, the units are designed “out of the norm” and set as trend setting washroom interior design attributes.

Personalise your washroom environment today with Initial Hygiene Singapore. Visit or call (65) 6347 8138.