Initial Hygiene Launches More Options in Washroom Scenting

As the leading hygiene solutions provider, Initial Hygiene Singapore is always on the constant look out for new and exciting business solutions for your washroom hygiene needs. To help your business stay ahead of today’s competition; Initial Hygiene launches more options in washroom scenting helping you achieve sustainable long-term solutions.

Introducing the all-new Genie Scenting Unit

The Genie Scenting Unit is an effective scent solution to combat strong odors specialized for use in the washroom and upgrades washroom hygiene.

Sleek and slim, the Genie unit at the same time aligns and optimizes your business aesthetics goals.

The Micro-Droplet Technology disperses more than 50 times smaller than aerosol, thus creating a more uniform & consistent scent coverage.

Helps in odor remediation

  • Maintains good air quality
  • Creates positive word-of-mouth; have an edge over competition
  • Evokes positive emotions in relation to the brand
  • Enhances mood and experience

The 4 New Scents

Water Fall 
Citrus and breezy aldehydic notes, modernizing the classic and warm memory. 

Tidal Wave 
Fusion of zesty orange and white flowers, soft musk adds a dimension to its richness. 

Spring Fresh 
Lush watery greens, beautiful lily aroma and juicy apple and pear creates sparkling freshness.

Clean Cotton 
Invigorating lemon crisps and floral nuances, enhances comfort and peace. 

Scent your space and begin your refreshing whiff today! Call 6347 8138 or email