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Good hygiene is vital for the health and safety of your employees

Office environments provide the ideal conditions for bacteria to spread and illnesses to take hold. In fact, 60% of work illnesses that result in time off sick are contracted from dirty office equipment. Unhygienic washrooms can often be the source, offering optimal breeding environments for these bacteria to thrive. Combined with poor hygiene behaviours, this problem is exacerbated, as germs in the washroom make their way onto hands that are then spread easily throughout the office, impacting the health of employees. 

The consequences of unhygienic washroom experiences can also have significant impact on staff morale and a business’ brand. People can feel disgusted and disrespected, and these feelings go on to influence their perceptions of the environment they are in. In fact, in a recent study carried out by Initial, 31% of office workers said they would be unhappy if an important stakeholder or customers used their office facilities. 

The potential business impact of poor washroom facilities is huge and employers and employees alike have a duty of care to help improve hygiene standards within the office. Good standards of hygiene can result in enhanced employee well-being, meaning less absenteeism, fewer sick days, and more motivated employees, driving higher productivity and engagement levels for better business performance.