• What is this ServiceTrak all about?

    ServiceTrak is Rentokil Initial’s newest innovation to replace paper-based service reports with a smartphone application to capture service data. It is designed to help automate, accelerate and digitalised service reports and documentations in a seamless and robust manner. With a user-friendly mobile application and easy to read interface, customers’ details and servicing premises’ requirements are safely uploaded into the system, and facilitates both the front line specialist and customers on site, thus enhancing the overall customer journey. This means, customers will not receive paper-based service reports upon completion of our service, instead an e-version of the report will be sent to your designated email address(es). These reports can be conveniently retrieved via an email search or re-arrangements can be performed at ease.

  • Why is ServiceTrak being implemented?

    In an effort to enhance customers’ service experience and promote communication and process efficiency, ServiceTrakserves as a service differentiation in adopting innovations and technology to enhance our information system and service standards. We take pride in being corporate social responsible to the environment. Going “paperless” is one of the various CSR initiatives we have adopted, besides utilising environmentally- friendly hygiene solutions and conducting hygiene awareness and education activities.

  • Do we need to pay additional for this new reporting feature?

    No. The ServiceTrakfeature is free. We are dedicated to value-adding our customers and committed in enhancing your service experience with Rentokil Initial.

  • How will this impact or benefit our current service report procedure?

    There is no change to your account, service schedule and frequencies. The information system is seamlessly synchronised and integrated to ensure your service requests are digitalised and delivered efficiently and smoothly. Our technicians whom are attached to your premise will continue performing their service as usual. Instead of receiving a physical service report for your endorsement, our technicians will explain the services rendered directly from within the application on our smartphone, before capturing your digital endorsement with a stylus. An e-service report will then be sent to your email address (es) respectively.

  • Will our invoicing be affected since the service report is in E-version?

    There is no change or impact to the current billing process. The information system is synchronised and integrated backend, and you will continue to receive your invoices accordingly.

  • Are our colleagues whom are not liaising directly with the technicians be able to receive the report as well?

    Yes, you may request for a copy of the e-service report to be sent to more than 1 recipient.

  • Will we be able to view a list or breakdown of services rendered or delivered?

    Yes, the e-report will provide you with a summary of services rendered and service notes against each product. The report will also display the signature of your appointed person in charge, along with the date and time when it was endorsed.

  • Are we able to highlight or notify in the event there is a faulty unit upon the services have been rendered?

    Yes, our service specialist will explain the summary of services rendered before seeking for your endorsement. Missing or faulty units will be addressed during this period. There are fields available to input these remarks before endorsement.

  • How could we verify and validate on the proof of service?

    Our service specialist will explain the summary of services rendered before seeking for your endorsement. There are fields available to capture name and/or other relevant identification details.

  • Is our company information and data kept confidential? Is the system and devices secured?

    The ServiceTrak is designed with multi-layer security features. You can be assured of full confidentiality of your company information and account details including digital signatures.

  • What if we are unable to locate our E-Service-Report?

    The Service Reports are saved as Rentokil Initial Singapore Service Report. They are designed to facilitate self-help search via your inbox. Alternatively, you may contact our Call Centre to re-send a copy of the report to you should you experience difficulties in locating the files.

  • Is there any backup plan, in the event the mobile phone or application is not working?

    Yes, contingency plans have been designed to minimise any possible disruption to your services. Our technicians are trained to deal with these incidents and it is our commitment to deliver optimal service standards to our customers.