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Sharps Bins

Sharps Bins

Initial Singapore’s sharps bins provide safe storage and disposal for all categories of sharps waste. We provide an extensive range of UN-approved colour-coded sharps bins to ensure waste is segregated correctly prior to collection by a local Initial expert. Our orange, yellow and purple lidded sharps bins are designed to safely store needles and syringes, as well as other sharp instruments, preventing injuries in your practice and ensuring legal compliance.

All our sharps bins have been tested to the most stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring the safety and legal compliance of your practice. Protect healthcare workers, patients and visitors by contacting an Initial specialist today to learn more about our sharps bin service.

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Safely dispose of sharps waste

The safe management of sharps waste is vital in preventing sharps injuries to staff or patients, particularly from needles. Healthcare workers, in dentistries especially, are more at risk of a needlestick injury than any other industry, meaning that sharps safety is crucial in healthcare practices and clinics.

Speak to a consultant at Initial Singapore to ensure your sharps waste disposal and management are safe and compliant, giving full protection to your business, staff, patients and visitors.