Ultra High Jetting

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Ultra High Jetting

The Ultra High Jetting is effective to remove blockages caused by concrete choke. 

Concrete choke results from hardening of cement used in building and constructions. And when cement powder is washed down the pipe line, it forms hardened concrete along the way resulting in concrete choke. 

An excellent cleaning technique using pressure of up to 40,000 psi (pounds per square inch) to remove all pipes and drainage blockages caused by debris, grease and concrete cement. It also flushes and cleans underground sewerage lines, including inspection chambers and manholes and is an effective method for surface cleaning of driveways, walls and drains.

The Leading Specialist Hygiene Solutions

Established since 1988, Initial Specialist Hygiene Solution is one of the various business arms under the Rentokil Initial group. 

A complete and integrated range of drainage management solutions, we provide important service lines such as high pressure water jet and grease trap cleaning. 

Be assured to receive support by a team of dedicated specialists with leading innovations designed for drainage problems.