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A smarter way to improve your washrooms

We provide a range of products for high-footfall washroom environments that meet the needs of your business, provide a customer experience like no other, and lead the way to a sustainable environment. 

By adopting a digital approach to hygiene, your business will gain valuable insights into how your washrooms are being used. Our expert knowledge and innovations can help to minimise operating costs and improve washroom management while creating a unique user-friendly experience and a positive impression of your company’s brand.

Washroom automation at your fingertips

Digitally connected, our products provide real time data from your washrooms, presented via an intuitive user interface that gives you access to reams of data to monitor equipment usage 24/7 and compare one area, room or dispenser with another.

  • Receive email alerts: Automated email alerts will warn you as consumables become low so you don't need to monitor them.
  • Develop cleaning schedules: Observe trends and identify when your washrooms are at their busiest or quietest.
  • Customize solutions: Add functionality and view data in different ways to suit your business as it grows.
  • Stay secure: Keep your product up to date with the latest features and security as they become available.

Ease congestion with Rapid>Lights

Rapid>Lights is a thermal-based lighting system that shows washroom cubicle occupancy. It uses a universally recognised red and green traffic-light system – red for engaged and green for vacant – which eases washroom congestion and improves efficiency and user experience.

  • Discreet sensor technology: Rapid Lights doesn’t rely on locks, latches, or doors being closed to know that a cubicle is engaged.
  • Traffic-light system: Universally recognised red and green traffic-light system indicating when a cubicle is available.
  • Efficient cleaning and maintenance: Cubicle usage can be evened out to support more efficient cleaning and maintenance regimes.
  • Real-time insight: Digitally connected for insight into cubicle usage for peak times and most frequently used toilets.

Reduce consumable waste with Rapid>Foam

Rapid>Foam offers a reliable, economical and luxurious handwashing experience. Using a revolutionary, connected, touch-free soap dispenser, Rapid>Foam reduces the amount of soap used by up to 90% and its associated plastic waste by up to 96%. Made from marine grade stainless steel, the aesthetically-pleasing Rapid>Foam is perfect for high-traffic washrooms.

  • More for your money: Set dose size to suit and reduce waste – our 5L containers provide up to 16,666 handwashes.
  • Environmentally- friendly: Reduce volume of consumables, plastic waste and refill servicing requirements.
  • Suitable for retrofitting: Suitable for existing washrooms, with wall-mounted and counter options available.
  • Smartest soap on the market: Digitally connected for unique insights into handwashing behaviours and usage.

Protect your customers with Rapid>Water

Rapid>Water is a touch-free, smart tap that can reduce water consumption by up to 2L per handwash while offering risk-reduction features such as automatic flushing for stagnant water and temperature-control to avoid scalding. Made from aesthetically-pleasing marine grade stainless steel, they’re ideal for high-traffic washrooms.

  • Cost-effective management: Reduces your water bill by regulating the flow rate.
  • Prevents scalding: A thermostat controls water temperature and prevents scalding.
  • Reduce the risk of Legionella: Schedule auto flushing and prevent stagnant water that can increase the risk of Legionella.
  • Unique insights: Digitally connected to monitor usage and help develop efficient cleaning schedules.


Improve user-experience with Rapid>Flush

Rapid>Flush has been specifically designed for toilets and urinals to improve odour, reduce limescale and enhance the customer experience by ensuring they smell fresh at all times. Ideal for high-use commercial washrooms, Rapid>Flush also provides meaningful insights into washroom usage.

  • Reduce frequency of service: Adjust doses for hard or soft water, with high-capacity 5L containers that reduce refill servicing.
  • Automatic dosing: Reduces the need for additional cleaning products with automatic dosing capabilities.
  • Removes malodours: A gentle foaming action masks stains and removes the unwanted causes of malodour.
  • Optimise cleaning schedules: Digitally connected for insights into washroom usage and predictive replenishment.