HygienicTouch Door Handle FAQs

  • What does the air purifier do?

    The handle contains silver phosphate glass, a biocidal product which controls the growth of micro-organisms on the product surface. This product does not contain nanomaterials.

  • Will it get rid of smells?

    The silver ions destabilise the cell, stop respiration and inhibit cell division, whilst blocking the replication of DNA, killing the cell.

  • Does it remove bacteria and viruses?

    HygienicTouch works 24/7 in killing bacteria that is left on the handle by users. Field tests have proven that there is a marked difference in bacteria count between a standard handle and the HygienicTouch by 99.99%. The handle does not sanitise hands however and a good hand washing regime along with using a hand sanitiser is advised in order to minimise cross-contamination of germs from person to person.

  • Is the unit noisy?

    No, it does not clean your hands. Instead it kills the germs deposited onto the coated surface that would otherwise contaminate your hands when you open the door. 1 in 100 people with dirty hands is much better than 100 out of 100 people all spreading germs across a building.

  • Is it energy-efficient?

    The HygienicTouch handles and push plates are unaffected by cleaning chemicals such as chlorine bleach, disinfectants and alcohol.

  • How long will the unit take to clean a room?

    The ionic silver additives are non-leaching and non-sensitising. The active ionic silver holds extensive approvals including those for food contact.

  • How long will the filters last?

    Flexible adjusters allow the PULL handles to fit onto 90% cylindrical door handles that are 19mm, 20mm and 22mm in diameter. A measuring gauge is provided in the box with every pull handle as standard.