Health & safety

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Health & safety

Initial Hygiene Thailand embraces stringent compliance to Health and Safety policies. Our service culture and framework adopt utmost importance for health and safety among our people and our customers.

While bringing the best washroom experience and standards to end users, we hold our work, health and safety regulations with the highest regards.

Our SHE standards

Initial Hygiene Thailand is committed to the constant improvement in Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Protection in our organisation.

By adopting the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Principles, we have implemented the following requirements.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Environment Policy
Zero Tolerance Policy
Alcohol & Drug Policy
General Risk Assessment
Site Risk Assessment
Chemical Risk Assessment

Compulsory Training
Annual Fire fighting Training & Evacuation Practice
Certified First Aider Training
Fire fighting Training
Work at height
Mandatory for Supervisory & Managerial level by Welfare departure
Defensive Safe Ride & Drive training

SHE audit
Internal SHE audit is an integral part of the company culture, in line with legal requirements, that is implemented and maintained by each employee.

Zero tolerance policy
All Rentokil Initial employees regardless of position and ranking are advocated to instill Zero Tolerance policy by adopting safe working practices. This is established to minimise the occurrence of work accidents and ensure employees work in a safe environment.

SHE Golden Rules
The 9 sets of rules clearly explain what we must all know and do to keep ourselves, our colleagues and our customer safe. They are based on the risks that are frequently encountered across our activities and lessons learned. All Rentokil Initial employees regardless of position and ranking are advocated to follow the SHE Golden Rules.

Legislation & regulatory affairs

Every industry is governed by its own set of safety, health and hygiene legislation. Rentokil Initial has many years of experience helping businesses of all kinds meet both the letter and spirit of regulations that may affect them. These include:

  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environment ACT B.E. 2554 (A.D. 2011)
  • Labour Protection Act B.E. 2541 
  • Hazardous Substance Act B.E. 2535 
  • Ministry of Interior‘s Announcement. 
  • Land Traffic Act B.E.2522 
  • Public Health Act B.E.2535 
  • Waste Disposal Regulation