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Discover the power of colour psychology in your washroom

It's proven that colour has a profound effect on human behaviour and that harnessing the power of colour psychology can evoke particular psychological responses in people. Colour has the ability to influence our moods, provoke emotions and stimulate the senses. In the washroom, together with heightened hygiene awareness, there is increasing evidence that introducing colour can have a positive impact on productivity, efficiency and encourage a lift in overall well-being. Your colour choices can also reflect your brand personality and even help improve hygiene standards.

Initial leverages the power of colour in the Signature Colour range, combining all the innovative design features and superior hygiene qualities of the award-winning Signature range, with a range of striking colours in matt, gloss or metallic finishes, specifically developed to evoke an ambient influence in your washroom.


Signature Colour Range

A Colour range of available across the full suite of washroom hygiene products including: soap, paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, air fresheners and feminine hygiene units

This exclusive range has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.


The colour of abundance, refreshment and harmony. Reassuring green sparks an awareness to encourage good washroom hygiene.


Blue affects washroom users mentally, engendering feelings of trust whilst stimulating thought and efficiency - key attributes in boosting employee productivity.


Pink demonstrates a caring and considered approach to hygiene. The colour pink best expresses the nurturing instinct and a heightened sense of welfare and wellbeing.


The embodiment of luxury,  purple expresses authenticity, quality and vision. Purple heightens awareness of employee value and brand perception.


Turquoise inspires an instinctual, calming reaction that runs deep. Often reminiscent of the ocean, turquoise is fresh, clean and motivational.


Yellow lifts the spirits and inspires confidence. This in turn has an effect raising self-awareness and has a positive impact on personal hygiene standards.


Initial's red Signature range has the potential to drive enthusiasm from both employees and customers.


The classic black Signature range is the embodiment of sophistication and substance.


Our elegant champagne range is the ultimate expression of brand refinement.



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