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The premium stainless steel range from Initial

Your image is one of the most important assets owned by your business. From your chosen décor, to your preferred brand of coffee, every detail has been carefully considered and selected to reflect your image.

Initial Hygiene understands that your customers expect a certain style and standard from the moment they first walk through the door, and that every detail builds your reputation - no matter how small. This is why Initial developed Reflection, a contemporary range of premium stainless steel washroom products.


Core Reflection range and benefits

Crafted from the finest grade stainless steel and styled to blend discreetly into your washroom environment, each product in the range is sleek, robust and easy to maintain, allowing you to deliver high levels of hygiene without compromising on style.

The Reflection range includes an air freshener, soap dispensers, paper towel dispenser, toilet seat cleaner, urinal and WC sanitiser, waste bin and a no-touch sanitary disposal bin. A stainless steel hand dryer complementary to the range is also available.

Reflection range

Crafted from the finest grade of stainless steel

Developed to be robust for a long life cycle

Supports hygiene with seamless lines wiped clean in a single stroke